Eva Klabalová | BLUE MOON
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Collection made in collaboration with fashion designer Kamila Šárková for STAHL company (Netherlands), using materials from their Fall/Winter 201/18 collection.


Stahl asked SLEM to create an innovative capsule collection to showcase their new finishes for leather, synthetics and automotive at international trade shows.Eva Klabalová designed and made a series of bags and shoes, combined with clothing created by Kamila Šárková


They applied flexible 3D printing in beautiful yet practical ways. For instance, fully 3D printed heels are often too weak to really walk on, so they developed a metal pin with several interchangeable 3D printed covers, allowing the wearer to change the heel shape whenever they like.


This collection is using Leather from Automotive collection of STAHL.


Collection is presented at ACLE- All China Leather Exhibition Fair in Shanghai, 2016/08/31 – 2016/09/02


Photographer: Sharieta Berghuis

Assistant: Ruben Lekkerkerker

Technical assistance: Robert Delm, Mert Ates, Hector Faz Vazquez


August 31, 2016