Eva Klabalová | NOMAD – no glue construction – 3D printed detachable outsole
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NOMAD – no glue construction – 3D printed detachable outsole

CONCEPT: Breaking the rules about dividing shoes between an upper and an outsole.
Think vertical not horizontal.
GOAL: Create a sustainable construction with mechanical connection by using one material – Veg-tanned sole leather – with no glue
100% sustainable, recyclable, detachable 3D printed sole with Filaflex at Ultimaker2. You can wear the shoes with or without the sole!
This projet took a second place at the competition “Craft The Leather” 2016, Italy.
Photographer plener: Sharieta Berghuis
Photographer atelier: Vendula Truncová
Special thanks to Charles Bergmans

February 28, 2016